Cardinal Distributors Ltd was formed in 1982 and started out as a small family trading business that traded in locally sourced general merchandise. Over the years CDL grew steadily and began importation of international products and brands into Zambia distributing them to retail outlets in the main provinces. The company has managed to reach and set its presence in all parts of the country through its wide distribution channel and strategic partnerships with large established outlets. The company distributes various goods such as fabrics, hardware, electrical appliances, stationary, flooring material, blankets, bicycles and batteries. CDL has experience in the manufacturing industry where it manufactured flip flops under “MAI Slipper Industries” (1998-2007) for export to Malawi, Zimbabwe, Angola and Congo. MAI Slippers Industries plant and machinery was sold to a Malawi based company. CDL also creates and distributes its own brands throughout Zambia and is continuously looking to grow by sourcing products we believe have the potential to succeed in the market. CDL provides for highly professional sales, warehousing, marketing and distribution operations with its mixed team of over 50 experienced and skilled personnel. Our company owned centrally located warehouse storage capacity is currently at 8,000 sqm strategically set up in close proximity to the main CBD for efficient distribution of products.